Our Buffy is from our B-litter (Odessa & King). We are overjoyed that we have kept this beautiful sporty lady with us. It is a lot of fun to be on the road with this dog and she always makes us laugh. During the pack walks she always goes her own way, searches the whole territory in a large radius, but always comes back reliably with and without recall. Somehow she watches us and doesn’t let us out of her sight or rather out of her nose………

On the dog field Buffy always wants to do everything right, jumps higher and further in agility than she actually has to …… – somehow the power lady got some of Odessa’s crazy genes, it seems to me :-). Outwardly completely the daddy and inwardly completely the mommy – that has something….. 

Character-wise she is completely uncomplicated, absolutely self-confident, curious and always friendly to all people and animals, I don’t think she knows what it means to be in a bad mood. 

We have probably succeeded in creating a good mixture, with a lot of eastern blood and power, with this connection!


Buffy – pedigree

Buffy – HEALTH

Name: Buffy von Steineck

Examination results:

ED: 0/0
DM: free N/N
MDR1: free N/N
Size: 60 cm


An alert calm bitch, with an elegant head and strong muzzle, full. Scissor bite, well carried and set in prick ears, well set eyes. Elegant movement and a very well groomed dense coat with good pigment. A promising young bitch who can present herself very well.